We are the first movement to bring ProChoice and ProLife
together in the name of providing todays woman the
best support and education to make her own personal decision.

We gather their connections and research, then educate and support the expectant women on each of the three choices and what they would mean for her.

Then it is her educated decision.

When faced with a crisis, science tells us that the human brain needs to decide and select our path to the solution within 2-4 days. This holds true when a woman is suddenly faced with an unexpected pregnancy. She buys the take-home test and when it’s positive, the 2-4 days begins, and the decision is made to PARENT or NOT TO PARENT. This is her first decision, and it is made quickly.

For the next 2-6 weeks, she is 45 times more likely to become abortion-MINDED but has not yet made the final decision to terminate her pregnancy. Instead of shaming her for being abortion-minded, we are there to tell her that the adoption option also fulfills her decision to not parent! Today’s women are more knowledgeable, yet lack emotional support and education, about her choices. An unintended pregnancy is a time in her life where she needs and deserves to hear the facts of ALL her choices… 3 CHOICES…  Over the last thirty years, those three have basically been reduced to two.  

Percentages of the three options – Parenting at 53%, Abortion at 46% and Adoption at 1%.

There is no single cause or reason for this statistic, like unfavorable adoption laws… Adoption has simply slipped out of the conversation. The second option of both the ProLife and ProChoice movements is only being chosen 1% of the time. This indicates to us that women are NOT adequately being served. Women deserve MORE!  We are providing them more quality education to explain all three options, and more loving support from all their community’s resources.

Adoption is the bold “not ready to parent” option where a family she chooses is created and she has the choice of a close or distant relationship with them. 


We are the only Adoption Movement working with ProChoice and ProLife organizations to give women an alternative choice. Adoption has not been fairly explained, if at all. That’s why we focus on honest education and support. We do not sugar coat adoption, the process is emotional and sometimes difficult. But every woman still deserves to know about the 3rd choice.

Today, ethical Modern Adoption provides more support.

Over half of the women who have placed a child did not get enough, if any post-adoption counseling. We are here to step in and introduce her to our local Birth Mom Mentor for friendship and set up professional counseling sessions for her.

Almost half of women under the age of 45 have had an abortion. Sadly, studies have shown that over 85% of these women received NO post-abortion counseling. We are one of the few organizations who provide free post counseling, and life coaching.

Modern Adoption also, ensures that women are provided ethical support from a licensed adoption professional before and after birth.

We are very excited about this movement which will blossom into a larger outreach… You will want to get on board to be a part of this impactful empowerment for women!!

Your gift will allow the Birth Mother Mentors to work in your area with young mothers, pay for their free ultrasounds, and post-abortion and adoption counseling.
Your gift will allow the Birth Mother Mentors to work in your area with young mothers, pay for their free ultrasounds, and post-abortion and adoption counseling.